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Chapter 3 Questions00 Psy

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The approach suggesting that psychological disorders are illnesses that have underlying biological causes is called the:medical model

_____ is a condition marked by dramatic mood swings.
Bipolar disorder

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders uses a checklist of observable signs and symptoms, but this tends to limit clinicians’:

understanding of their patients.

Some theories propose that _____ such as learning or childhood experiences might lay the foundation for psychological disorders.

MC : _____, like poverty and community support systems, can play a role in the development and course of psychological disorders.

social factors

The degree to which a behavior interferes with daily life and relationships refers to its: dysfunction.

A _____ classification system for mental disorders measures what it intends to measure. valid

Ursula feels compel to hurt herself. Ursula's self harm can be best described as a maladaptive behavior.

With the _____ people often predict the probability of something happening in the future based on how easily we can recall a similar type of event from the past.

availability heuristic

Most mental health professionals in North America use the _____, which is an evidenced-based classification system of mental disorders.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

chapter 8

_____ rapidly sprout new connections among each other, a dramatic phase of synaptic growth that is influenced by the infant's experiences and stimulation from the environment.


One significant milestone of the sensorimotor stage is _____, or an infant's realization that objects and people still exist when they are out of sight or touch.

object permanence

According to Erikson, the psychosocial stage from the twenties to forties is called _____, which is time when most adults are creating meaningful, deep relationships.

intimacy vs isolation.

The _____ reflex occurs when a newborn infant's cheek is stroked, as she turns her head in the direction of the touch.


Children in the _____ stage can be less egocentric and can understand the concept of conservation; however their logical thinking is limited to concrete concepts. concrete operational

____ proposed that cognitive development occurs in four periods or stages, and these stages have distinct beginnings and endings.


chapter 14

The _____ implies that disorders have biological causes.

medical model

The treatment approach in which a client works with a mental health professional to reduce psychological symptoms and improve quality of life is called:


_____ can have an impact on the course of some psychological disorders.


Studying _____ is difficult because its methodology has not been operationalized and its use varies from one therapist to the next.

humanstic therapy

Approximately how many inmates in American jails and prisons in 2007 had at least one psychological disorder?


_____ evaluates the success of therapies.

outcome research

Your therapist tells you that her role in your therapy is to help you achieve personal growth. Your therapist is a:

positive psychologist

Dr. Astrid is a psychoanalyst. She tells her clients that her main goal is to:

Uncover unconscious conflicts.

The type of psychotherapy aimed at increasing awareness of the self and the environment is called:

insight therapy

Sean has a psychological disorder that increases his risk to himself and others. Sean most likely experiences:

psychotic episodes.

chapter 15

With the _____ to persuasion, people pay attention to factors outside the message content, such as the credibility or appearance of the individual who relays the message.

peripheral route

People from _____ cultures are less likely to conform than those from collectivist cultures. individualist

Participants in Milgram's obedience study sat at a table that held a control panel for the supposed generation of:

Social loafing is more likely to occur in societies where people place a high premium on:individuality and autonomy.

The most famous illustration of the bystander effect was the attack on _____ in 1964. kitty genovese

Participants in _____ studies were willing to administer what they believed to be painful and life-threatening electric shocks to other human beings.


The diminished sense of personal responsibility, inhibition, or adherence to social norms that occurs when group members are not treated as individuals is referred to as:


Which statement BEST characterizes social exchange theory?
we help others when the benefits of our good deeds outweigh the cost.

Group polarization is the tendency for a group to take a _____ after deliberations and discussion.

more extreme position
In a classic study on expectations, _____ administered a nonverbal intelligence test to students in a San Francisco elementary school. The students whom the teachers were told would show surprising gains achieved greater increases on their test scores.

Rosenthal and Jacobson

_____ and its associated stressors can have a lasting impact on the development of the brain and subsequent cognitive abilities.


The method for gaining compliance that involves making a small request first, followed by a larger request is called the:

foot in door technique

Chapter 12

Under intense physiological demands, the body cannot address any new threats, and some people start to show signs of ______, such as hypertension and arthritis.

diseases of adaptation

A _____ does not require participants to retrieve information from the distant past, thus reducing opportunities for error in memory.

prospective study

Chapter 11

Some aspects of adult personality appear to derive from _____, which refers to distinct patterns of emotional reactions and behaviors observed early in life.


The collection of rules that guide the ego as it negotiates between the id and the environment is called the:

reality principle

If a parent is too harsh or lenient about toilet training, the child may grow up with a(n) _____personality, being rule-bound or stingy.

anal retentive

Karen Horney believed that people respond to feelings of helplessness and isolation, created by inadequate parenting, which she referred to as:

basic anxiety

_____ have profound interpersonal relations, maintaining deep and lasting friendships.

self- actualizers

A distinct pattern of emotional reactions and behaviors observed early in life is called a(n): temperament

According to Freud, awareness is equivalent to:

The _____ is impulsive and illogical.

According to Freud, one resolves the Oedipus or Electra complex during the: genital stage

According to Adler, not everyone is successful in overcoming feelings of helplessness and dependence, but instead develop what is known as a(n):

inferiority complex
Your professor is talking about how Freudian theory intersects with cognitive theory. He uses the example of the _____ which forms a bridge between memory and conscious awareness.

episodic buffer

You are drawing a diagram of Freud's structures. Which structure would appear at the top?

the superego

_____ are primal images, patterns of thoughts, and storylines stored in the collective unconscious.


You are writing a paper titled 'Freud's theory of the emergence of unconscious thoughts in conscious thinking". You are arguing that unconscious thoughts can appear in consciousness via:

process among awareness

The _____ perspective emphasizes relationships, environmental influences, individual behavior, and mental processes that come together to form personality.


you think about going out instead of studying, but then you consider what it would be like to get a poor grade. According to Freud, the _____ helped you come to this conclusion.

reality principle

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