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Health Care

1. There are major differences in the way men and women receive health care from nutrition and insurance to testing and treatments. For example, women’s health care is primarily focused on bearing and raising children, but the role of women in society has changed and therefore the health care needs have changed as well. Both men and women have problems relating to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases and need to be treated, but the differences and symptoms are not always the same. Men are more likely to get life-saving cardiovascular treatments and referrals than women as well. I think that these differences are related to economic background, as well as biological differences in men and women. Healthcare has come a long way, but still has some room to grow. 2. The depressive disorders:

Major depression (Clinical Depression)- This is the most common of the mood disorders and is not something that can be controlled willfully. Approximately 14.8 million adults in America are affected and have symptoms that keep people from having successful relationships, work habits, sleep habits, appetites, and more. Symptoms are extreme sadness and feelings of no hope as well as no motivation, loss of concentration, fixation on failures, withdrawal, weight loss/gain, and more. These feelings can last for months or years. Dysthymic Disorder: this is a more mild form of depression and can be more difficult to diagnose. Symptoms may include fatigue, irritability, and appear pessimistic. They may fall into major depression and it affects approximately 1.5 percent of the American population. Bipolar Disorder: commonly known as manic depression. It is characterized by severe mood swings. These mood swings can come on quickly or gradually build up over time and can range from extremely excitable, talkative, and have abundant energy to fatigued, depressed and withdrawn. There is no known cause but can be triggered by environmental factors....
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