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Eric Warren

SIMS 307: Systematic Innovation
Homework #4 – Using a Small Set of Operators
Consider the following problem formulator diagram. It describes the problem of how an object puncturing the radiator in your car (the thing holding the water for the cooling system) causes the water to run out so it cannot circulate through your engine and remove the heat. This allows the heat to build up and damage your engine. Below are several I-TRIZ operators. Each operator gives you a hint about some innovative modification you can make to increase the ideality of the system. For each operator, list any and all innovative ideas the operator inspires. You don’t have to be an automotive engineer here, so I am not expecting engineering solutions. Give ONE idea for each operator.

1. Duplicate critical elements
To increase reliability, consider implementing a redundant design for the most important (or most unreliable) subsystems or components. You can duplicate the amount of water being put into the engine.

2. Segmentation
Consider dividing your system into parts.

3. Use inflatable structures
Consider using a pneumatic (inflatable) construction instead of a mechanical one. Put some type of inflatable structure inside the radiator in between the parts that are rubbing together to prevent friction.

4. Apply foam or empty space
Consider substituting all or part of the substance with foam or empty space (voids). Apply foam the object that has been punctured to prevent any further leakage.

5. Isolator – Modification of available substance
To isolate a harmful effect, use an isolating material produced or derived from the existing system or process. Look first to materials involved in causing the harmful effect, then to neutral (and waste) materials. Pay special attention to the possibility of easily replacing the isolating material when (and if) it is destroyed. You could Replace the radiator.

Working with Resolution Operators...
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