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Does drinking coffee increase heart rate?
Gracie Arreola

Introduction to Statistics
Professor Blaga-Romero

A healthcare facility is trying to determine whether or not to serve coffee in the waiting rooms for their patients. Since many similar facilities do serve coffee, tea, and water, they want to determine if there is sufficient evidence to show that coffee increases their heart rate. 15 patients in the waiting room one day are tested to see if their heart rate increases. The healthcare facility would like supporting data from national studies that support the results of their study.

Information I will provide in this report will show whether consuming coffee increases a person’s heart rate. Two variables factored in are: Coffee the independent variable and Heart Rate the dependent. Confounding or lurking variables in the study are (1) the amount of coffee consumed, (2) physical activity of patients prior to providing sample, (3) age range of patients, and (4) pre-existing medical conditions of patients. The data is measured at an interval level. The sample for this study is 15 patients from a local health care facility waiting room. The population of the study is patients from the waiting rooms of all health care facilities in the state. The population is normally distributed before drinking coffee; because it has an even amount of data on either side of the mean. The population is slightly skewed to the right after drinking coffee, with more data to the right of mean; which does indicate increased heart rate after drinking coffee. This will be an observational study, due to the fact that we will be observing the effect of coffee on patient heart rates.
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