Chapter 13

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Chapter 13
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As an exporter, according to the opening case, which of these is a key problem for Megahertz
A. Credibility of foreign governments
B. Financing
C. Substandard products for foreign markets
D. Language
E. Country specific technical standards


In the United States, what percent of firms export, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration?
A. Nearly 98 percent
B. About 23 percent
C. Less than 2 percent
D. A little under 50 percent
E. Over 50 percent


Large firms generally tend to be ______________ about seeking opportunities for profitable exporting, whereas medium-sized and small firms are ____________.
A. passive; aggressive
B. reactive; proactive
C. discouraged; encouraged
D. proactive; reactive
E. aggressive; discouraged


Toddler Toys, which recently opened for business, has 45 employees and about $10 million in sales.
Given the small size of the firm, according to studies, Toddler Toys would be ___________ seeking opportunities for profitable exporting.
A. proactive about
B. prohibited from
C. reactive about
D. government-driven for
E. discouraged from


One reason more firms are not proactive about seeking export opportunities is that:
A. they are very familiar with foreign market opportunities.
B. they are intimidated by complexities and mechanics of exporting.
C. there are too many opportunities available domestically.
D. they have concluded foreign markets are not profitable.
E. they do not have enough time to serve both the domestic and export markets.


The combination of ______________ and _____________ explains why exporters still account for only a tiny percentage of U.S. firms.
A. unfamiliarity; intimidation
B. unpredictability; regulations
C. culture; language
D. financing; marketing
E. size; language


According to the United Nations report on trade and development, document and paperwork preparation

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