Chapter 13 DBQ

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Grammatical person, Louis XIII of France Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: October 23, 2014
Assignment Chapter 13:
1.Identify, by number, the documents that are pro-absolutism and anti-absolutism. Pro-absolutism = 5 Anti-absolutism = 3 2.Write a short paragraph that summarizes the opinions of the pro-absolutist group of documents. Pro-absolutist believe the king should have no limits to his power and all the focus of the monarchy revolves around him. “His qualities are incomparable.” The king doesn’t need Parliament consent to make or declare a law. All the respect and honor goes to him alone; he was like a hero figure. 3.Write a short paragraph that summarizes the opinions of the anti-absolutist group of documents. Anti-absolutist believes that a king should share its power with Parliament to help him make decisions about the good of the nation. The King needs the consent of Parliament to make or declare a law. Anti-absolutist believe that a king without Parliament was “dangerous to the liberty, safety, and public interest of the this nation.” 4.What bias point of view do you see in documents 4 and 6? Document 4 has a bias because it was written by the House of Commons, which is a branch in the Parliament. So, of course they view the king as an arbitrary and tyrannical ruler because the king wanted to have absolute power without the consent of Parliament. The point of view of this document is first person since it comes directly from their journal. The bias in document 6 is that it was a memoir for King Louis XIV, and he was an example of a definite absolute king. So therefore this document has to be pro-absolutist since it supports the theory of an absolute king. This document praises the rule of Louis XIV. This document is third person limited because it’s a secondary source and it only talks about Louis XIV
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