Chapter 1 E Commerce

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Chapter 1 Case 1.3 pg. 37

1. Go to and examine the catalog. What impresses you the most? The thing that impresses me the most about jetpens catalog is that there is so many designs and products, I was impressed with the features on their website it has a search bar that is easy to find, the shopping cart was big and visible in the top right hand corner. The description of each product was satisfying, and each product had their own picture and zoom in feature.

2.  Evaluate the site’s ease of use.
The sites ease of use has useful information and the site is well organized and had simple layouts and designs. The pages loaded quickly and it was very easy to navigate throughout the different pages, and categories. The site was also easy to read and understand. When compared to their site is cluttered and disorganized and to busy, the layout is confusing, and the site using to many colours and the products are all over the place. Also the website is not in English.

3. Do you think that a business like this can succeed as an independent online-only store? Why or why not? I feel that jetpens would only be successful online because of the type of business and products they sell. As it only has stationary products and high end pens. With social media and internet advertising right on the website it make it very easy for customers to write comments and feedback on jetpens, where other can go and read about the different products. They sell directly to customers worldwide, where as if they had a store the products would not be able to be worldwide, and consumers would not know about this business. The cost is also cheaper with only having an online store vs a store front. The convenience of having an online store is customers can shop anywhere at any time. Also the availability online is more convenient then having a store front where they could sell out and have limited amount of products.

4. What is...
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