Chapter 1 Feasibility Study

Topics: Overtime, Employment, Working time Pages: 14 (3877 words) Published: August 22, 2013


Abendano, Kris Jason C.
Calingasan, Cheryl P.
Dionisio, Marjorie M.
Ramos, Myra Princess P.
Torres, Jenilyn S.


LOCATION: The Fort Taguig
250 square meters

Descriptive Definition of the Project
This new cocktail bar and restaurant serves lovely food and cocktails in a warm atmosphere. This is a place that attracts the usual wealthy and well-groomed suspects: dozens of leggy Latin ladies with dark and handsome designer suited men in pursuit. The beautiful set are drawn as much to the exclusive ambience and the swanky, clean-lined interiors, as they are too the perfectly-mixed drinks. Dynamite is relaxed yet stylish, all bare brickwork, flattering lighting and a dapper collection of bartenders clad in suspenders and skinny ties. The drinks are named things like the “Little Miss Trouble”, the “Fallen Lady” (which comes dusted with chocolate and black pepper), Atomic Bomb Splash that has a natural spice embedded on it, and the Dynamite which has the best taste. Putting that aside, the cocktails are fresh and fruity in the main, quite girly, with a few more complex, grown-up tipples available too, though this side of the menu could do with bolstering. Food-wise, we’re talking steak tartars and a superbly prepared flank steak, decent unfussy food, cooked well. Service is friendly if not yet super slick (though this may come) and the atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. Expect a menu that includes succulent noodles and spicy beef dishes as well as potent cocktails muddled with fresh fruit from the east. After dining retire to the lounge and visit the disco club and experience the party with dancing and drinking in the night. Service is friendly if not yet super slick (though this may come) and the atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. It is open 24 hours offering you different menus in every meal time of the day. Project Long Range Objectives:

7 years and more
The group expects at the business will operate for more than seven years and the bar and restaurant continuously goes above other competitors.

Project Time table status:
Actions| Days| Date|
Finalization of project plans| 7 days| September 8-15, 2017| Legal Papers and business registration| 7 days| September 20-27, 2017| Leased Contracts| 3 days| September 27-30, 2017|
Construction and Renovation| 2 months| October 1-December 1, 2017| Hiring of employees| 14 days| December 1-15, 2017|
Grand opening| 1 day| December 16, 2017|

Nature of the Industry
Bar and Restaurant; Entertainment
Mode of Financing: Investment by members; Loan on Bank

Investment Cost (for 1 year):
Rent Lease| | P 600,000|
Salaries and Wages| | |
Store Manager| 200,000| |
Band| 700,000| |
Guard (2)| 324,000| |
Kitchen Steward (3)| 486,000| |
Waiter (4)| 648,000| |
Cashier (2)| 324,000| P 2,682,000|
Furniture and Fixtures| | 500,000|
Equipment| | 1,000,000|
Food/Ingredient| | 3,600,000|
Construction Materials| | 600,000|
For Utilities (e.g. electricity and water bills)| | 180,000| Total:| | P 9,162,000|
| | |

Bars, disco clubs, restaurants are believed to occupy as one of the most places where people went in night. There are a lot of ways to satisfy the needs of man, the group thinks that happenings, enjoyment and even food are the most essential ones; therefore we decided to put up for the public. We know that putting up this bar, disco club and restaurant is not an easy job to be done but serving and satisfying the drives and needs of men is the specialty of the proponent’s course, so we come up with this ideas, the first thing we could decide is to know the “Marketing Strategies of...
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