Changes in Life

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Journal Entry for an Article or Essay

Title, Author, Page #s, Date:
Before Reading
1. Prereading: Read the title, skim the vocabulary. Predict what the article is about and write of list of questions you expect will be answered during the reading.

2. Choosing a Reading Strategy. Based upon the prereading, choose a reading strategy to utilize during reading of the selected text. (Adjust reading rate, create guide questions, look for cause and effect, compare and contrast, time order (chronology), rephrase paragraphs, reread difficulty portions).

3. Marking Unfamiliar Vocabulary. Use context, word parts, or a dictionary to find the meaning of unfamiliar words. Write the words and a “from you” definition (do not write the dictionary definition, create your own definition).

During Reading. Use the two column journal to gain meaning from text as you read. In the left column, record statements or ideas expressed in the text. In the right column write your reactions, comments, questions, connections made to the text. Article or Essay

Your Response

4. Evaluation the Article or Essay. Evaluate the organization, structure, and meaning of the article or essay by answering each of the following questions. a. What does the title reveal about the topic of the essay?

b. What does the introduction accomplish?

c. What is the author’s thesis statement or are the characters, plot, setting, etc.?

d. What types of evidence or information does the author use to support the thesis?

e. What does the conclusion accomplish?

5. Further Discussion, Reading, and Research. What questions would you like to ask the author? What topics/ideas do you want to know more about?
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