Change and Dr. George Jenkins

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Summer reading packet: Exiting 7th grade
1) Characters- C. Trophy Tribute= 20 points
If I were giving a trophy to character in the book “We Beat the Street”, it would be given to Dr. George Jenkins. I would give a trophy to Dr. George Jenkins because he discovered what he wanted to do with his life in the future from a young age. His dream job was to be a Dentist. He was so interested in finding out what a dentist did and how to be one. The metal plate base on the trophy would say “In honor of Dr. George Jenkins for pursuing his dreams and knowing what his dream was from the start! 2) Settings- F. Important scenes=40 points

My Favorite character from the book “We Beat the Streets” is Dr. Rameck Hunt. Dr. Rameck Hunt is my favorite character in this book because of his actions and feelings in some settings. Most of the settings impacted his friends a lot. Those settings are Ramecks’s Catholic School, Ramecks’s house, and on Arlington Ave. All three of these settings created problems, the only one who created problems but also a friendship with good influential friends is on Arlington Ave. Ramecks’s Catholic School impacted Rameck by his parents making the decision of putting him back in public school. Ramecks’s house impacted Rameck by giving his mom the money that his grandmother gave him to become an actor but he gave it to his mom who has a drug addiction. Rameck thought she was going to us it to pay for their house bills. But he was wrong. Arlington Ave had an impact on Rameck by teaching him that fighting doesn’t solve anything and the friends he met the next day that encouraged each other to do good in school and to go for their dreams are Dr. Sampson Davis and Dr. George Jenkins.

3) Story structure-P. Changing Chapter titles=10 points
There are 4 Different chapters that I’d like to change the titles. One is chapter 5 which I’m changing from “how much do you need?” to “The wrong decision”. I’m naming it “the...
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