Topics: Crime, Character, Assault Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Isiah Johnson
September 2, 2014
A setting about the impact of the setting is, “in the city that the four men live is not an ideal place you would not want to live in.” There are a few reasons why this setting affects the lives of the four men. My first reason is the in that area the en live in call it a “lockup” in New York which does not sound very pleasant. In that city, there is a lot of crime and violence, which most people do not want. For instance, there is a man murdered and robbed for money at his own convenient store. In addition, Steve (the protagonist) is in detention center willing to take his life so he would spend a day in jail. I do not think it would not happen in any other setting but the likely hood of it being in a different setting there would be a different plot. Such as if, the setting was in a wealthy neighborhood. There is a less of a chance not of crime and violence in that setting. An example to support this says, “The best time is to cry at night, when the lights are out and someone is getting beaten up screaming for help.”

Another reason for my statement is that the people/friends he surrounded himself around are not the best because of the setting where they live. Yes, there are some nice people in the projects but kids do not have a lot to do there so they look for trouble. Most of the kids are either in jail or in a detention center. I do not think it is there fault the way they live because once again the setting is not the greatest place you want to be living in. I think if it is in a different setting the personality of the characters would be different, or we may not even have heard of these four criminals in the novel. The setting makes them this kind of way, their personalities they have a robbing and killing a man in a convenient store. That is what makes them so-called “monsters” as Sandra Petrocelli the prosecutor says in the novel.

These are two reasons why I think the setting affects the novel...
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