Tom Brennan - into the world

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Tom Brennan-
1. How do the positive and negative consequences of different experiences impact on the lives of the individuals in the texts you have studied? In your response make detailed reference to your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing. Positive consequence

Negative consequence
“Into the world” Quotes
Going out into the world creates many different experiences that can consequently impact the lives of the individuals. The experience can be both positive and negative, this is evident in the ‘Story of Tom Brennan’ by J.C Burke. The story of Tom Brennan displays many scenes of positive and negative experiences that impact on the lives of the individuals. This is also seen in the 60 minutes documentary, ‘After the Crash’. Tom Brennan is a teenager who's life is about rugby, mates and family. This is until a night of celebration changes his life forever. Toms world explodes and his brother Daniel has been sent to jail, this forces the Brennan's to move towns causing them to be thrust out into the world. The Brennan family are severely shocked, upset, disappointed and saddened by the tragedy that has fallen upon this family. This is especially true for Tom and his sister, Kylie. Tom is struggling with the move from Mumbilli to Coghill, he is overwhelmed with grief and sadness, this is seen in chapter one, “In fact all of me was stuck, stuck in a place I didn't want to be...” The repetition of the word ‘stuck’ clearly highlights Tom’s immobility and his depression. He has been propelled into the world and cannot escape the reality of Daniel's actions, which is what caused the Brennan's to move to Coghill. Due to Daniels actions, Tom no longer feels like himself anymore. “Things just weren't that simple anymore.” Toms realizes that life is now vastly different than it was a few weeks ago, Tom now must have to learn and cope with the new challenges. Toms energy and willingness to live has been zapped, he doesn't feel like...
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