Challenging of management in 21st century

Topics: Management, 21st century, Knowledge management Pages: 4 (1101 words) Published: April 20, 2014
This is the age of information in which knowledge and knowledge workers are major resources of modern society. New managers must accept and excel at leadership responsibilities to perform as: a global strategist (understands interconnections among nations, cultures and economies, plans and acts with due consideration of them); a master of technology (comfortable with information technology, understands technology trends and their implications, able to use technology to best advantage); an effective politician (understands growing complexity of government regulations and the legal environment, able to relate them with the interests of the organisation); and an inspiring leader (attracts highly motivated workers and inspires them with a high performance culture where individuals and teams can do their best work). (Text book) What are the implications of this future evolutionary imperative for business and management? First, in the domain of vision, mission and values organizations have to discover a higher purpose which can inspire and trigger this higher evolution within the organization. Second, in the domain of Human Resources Development, there must be a greater attention to the development of the moral, aesthetic, intuitive and spiritual faculties and potentialities of employees which will lead to their higher evolution. Third, in the domain of Organizational Development, creating a corporate environment and culture which felicitates this higher evolution among employees and also helps them to express this inner and higher growth in the outer life. In this task, the corporate world can perhaps do a better job than the political world because of two reasons: first, in our modern age the world of business is much more dynamic, efficient and innovative, with a much greater capacity for organization and execution than the world of politics; second it is easier to implement or organize the triple values in the smaller space of an organization than on the larger...
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