Communication in Strategic Planning

Topics: Strategic planning, Management, Strategic management Pages: 2 (1041 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Communication in the Strategic Planning Process
Judy Gay
HCA 421 Health Care Planning & Evaluation
Instructor: Harold Engle
October 27, 2014
Communication is a very intricate part of a successful strategic plan. Collaboration with the board, executive leaders, management team all the way to front-line staff must be informed what the strategic plan is and how it relates to the mission and vision. The mission, vision, values, goals and objectives of the organization must be an organizational-wide dissemination. In order to have an effective and efficient strategic plan one must first select a strategic leader to help decide what their mission and vision will be. “Strategic leadership involves creating a vision and strategy that helps the organization succeed at its mission in both the short and the long term” (Spath, Abraham, 2013). Strategic Plan Communication

Communication in the strategic program planning process must cover the strengths and weakness analysis, and the objectives of the organization. It starts with the board members who agrees on the plan. Then the executive leaders will communicate to the management team. The management team will communicate to the front-line staff with the goals, mission and values of the organization. This can be done through e-mail or face to face meetings individual or in groups. Communication in the healthcare organization is imperative for collaboration and teamwork of the strategic plan (VanVactor, 2011). Mission and Vision

The mission is what the organization represents. Why they exist. It stands for who, what and how they serve (Spath, Abraham, 2013). This representation must be known by everyone who works at the organization. For example: OSF healthcare mission is “In the Spirit of Christ and the example of Francis of Assisi, the mission of OSF Healthcare is to serve persons with the greatest of care and love in a community that celebrates the gift of life”. All employees was required to know...

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