Challenges to Validity and Reliability

Topics: Reliability, Psychometrics, Research Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: December 18, 2010
Challenges to validity and reliability
In the based that the research question where answer by the survey show that there was a validity and reliability upon it. The challenges to gain the validity through out the entire research were less. The research question has to be reworded to gain the specific answers the research need from the sample. This also did affect that data from which the sample may be miss lead or confuse by the miss wording. The analysis would have be an error without rewording parts of the research question.

The reliability of the research is mostly base on the validity of the entire process. Reliability is a measurement that yields consistent results over time is said to be reliable (StatPac, 2010). The challenge was based on the misunderstanding when a select sample found miss wording within the survey question. This gave a challenge to change and revise the research question. Since part of the data depended on the survey, the question has to be clear to the sample. This did cause some random error toward the research question. It may it clear that certain research question had to be reworded to obtain a better analysis with less error in the public research sample. Outline to minimize challenges

The challenges where based on the rewording of the research question, and the additional information from the data sample of the survey. In order to minimize the challenges to have validity the following steps where applied. First, it was important to take a group of individual to respond the first draft of the survey. Their feedback gave an idea of what information was missing, and what question was confusing. Secondly, reword the research question to gain the available answer from the survey accurate. The survey was an important part of the research.

As part to minimize the challenge when it came to reliability, the technique use where a test-retest measure of reliability can be obtained by administering the same instrument to the same...
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