Sample Research Format

Topics: Sample size, Research, Scientific method Pages: 30 (1188 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Before you start: Margins should be left 4 cm, right 2.5 cm, top 2.5 cm and bottom 4cm Double spacing. Times new roman size 12 Chapter title (as in chapter one , two, three) in the center underlined. Remember to put table of contents,

1.1 Background of the study
Respondents – (From your journals)
Sample –
Location –
DV – (Consider as Title too)
IV –
IV –
IV –

Before ending this part write the following paragraph
“Therefore, the purpose of this study aims to explore the TITLE among the respondents and the correlation IV IV IV and DV.”

1.2 Problem Identification

5 Research Specific Objectives
Each objective 5 paragraph with a research question at the end. Research question you can make up from your objective.

For this part use your main reference journals

1.3 Research Objectives

1.3.1 General Objective
To study the (TITLE), to specify the study of (RESPONDENTS) will be chosen as the subjects of this research.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives
1) To profile the Respondent’s characteristics among the “SAMPLE” in “LOCATION” 2) To investigate the “IV” among the “SAMPLE” in “LOCATION” 3) To determine the “IV” among the “SAMPLE” in “LOCATION” 4) To examine the “IV” among the “SAMPLE” in “LOCATION” 5) To identify the correlation between “DV” with selected variables, IV IV and IV

1.4 Hypothesis of the study
Type of analysis
There is no significant correlation between “IV1” and“DV” Pearson Moment Correlation Test
There is no significant correlation between “IV2” and“DV” Pearson Moment Correlation Test
There is no significant correlation between “IV3” and“DV” Pearson Moment Correlation Test

1.5 Significant of the study
The importance of why this research needs to be conducted is as follows. The researcher hopes that this study will contribute to numerous benefits in terms of theoretical, management as well as academic perspectives.

1.5.1 Theoretical Perspective
In terms of theoretical, this research would help other individual to prove the theory and also support the future research, generated good ideas and so provides better understanding.

1.5.2 Management Perspective
This study could help the management to (example; increase employee job satisfaction.) (relate with own title)

1.5.3 Academic Perspective
This research will benefit other student to understand TITLE and could be referenced or guideline for other researcher who is interested to study the DV in another organisation

1.6 Limitation of Study
The reliability of this study depends on the honesty and memory of the respondents in giving the information needed. The findings from this study should not be generalized as whole as it only consist a small number of SAMPLE and the results obtained from this study could be unique to this particular sample. Time and cost constraints are also part of the limitation of the study.

1.7 Definition of Terminology
Conceptual Definition
Operational Definition
General Definition
General Definition
General Definition
General Definition

*Get the definition and measurement from the journals.
General definition from the literature part of the journal
Measurement from the instrumentation, measurement or methodology part of the journal.

1.8 Research Framework

1.9 Deliverables
The final year project starts with a description of the various contents in which the problem statement and objectives are investigated. Then, the second Chapter is about the review related literature which includes DV, IV IV...
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