CFC20 Healthy eating for families

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Allergy Pages: 4 (762 words) Published: October 14, 2013
2.1 Outline the importance of family mealtimes.
Family meals are important; it will help the family come to together. At the meal time everyone can talk and listen. They can talk about how they feel or what they have done. Children can learn how to sit at the table and behave. Regular meal time it is important of the child’s daily routine and they can learn about healthy food.

2.2. Describe ways to encourage children to eat healthily.
Give the children healthy foods.
Show children that you eat healthy food, they will like to be copying. Eating should be fun and shared with other family members
Try not to give them too much snack.
Children usually have small appetites so they may need to be given small portions of food at mealtimes. Give them a wide variety of foods so that they get used to a range of tastes and textures Limit the amount of sugary and fatty foods they eat

Encourage the children to drink nutritious drinks such as a milk or diluted unsweetened fruit juices instead of sweetened. Children should be become independent at feeding themselves as soon as possible Let young children help with food preparation

Aim to provide three meals, with nutritious snacks between meals 3.1. Identify food restrictions for religious groups.
There are some foods that not everyone eats. When planning meals, it is good idea to find out what people can and cannot eat. Some religions have rules about food and they have rules about the way food is made, such as Jewish and Muslim families will only eat meat if the animal has been killed in a certain way. Religious group

They don’t eat beef
Most of them are vegetarian
They don’t eat cheese, eggs
They don’t usually eat pork
Some are vegetarian; others will eat lamb, chicken and fish
They don’t usually eat pork
They don’t eat beef
Meat must be kosher
Do not eat pork, shellfish or fish without fins and scales
Separate cooking dishes must be used for dairy products
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