Centrifugal Pump

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Volumetric flow rate, Centrifugal pump Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Table of Contents

·Discussion of Experiment

·Discussion of Results

·Table 1 – Centrifugal Pump @ 1750 RPM

·Figure 1 – Head Pressure versus Flowrate

·Figure 2 – Ideal Power versus Head Pressure (H)

·Sample Calculations

·Raw Data

Discussion of Experiment

A centrifugal pump contains an impeller or set of vanes encased in housing. Energy is added to the fluid in the form of velocity and pressure as a result of the impeller turning. An engineer must determine the range of flow rates required when using a centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump chosen for an application must have a head versus flow rate relationship matches the demand of the piping system connected to. Head and flow rate data can be presented in graphical or table form.

Discussion and Conclusion

The result of conducting this experiment for characterizing the head and flow rate relation is summarized in Table 1, Figure 1 and Figure 2. Table 1 – Centrifugal Pump @ 1750 RPM, shows the pressure, flow rate, and speed of the centrifugal pump for 8 settings. Also shown in table 1 are the uncertainties, corrected pressure calculation results, corrected flow rate calculation results, head pressure from calculations and ideal power of the centrifugal pump from calculations.

Figure 1 – Head Pressure versus Flowrate, shows the relationship of corrected flow rate (in GPM) with respect to head pressure (in PSI). The plot showing the relation is decreasing in flow rate as the head pressure increases. This shows that as the head of the centrifugal pump restricts the flow rate when closed or partly closed.

Figure 2 – Ideal Power versus Head Pressure (H), shows the relationship of corrected flow rate (in GPM) with respect to ideal power (in watts). The relationship shows that as the flowrate decrease the ideal power increases. When compared to the results of figure 1, the results...
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