Cardiovascular Dynamics

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Cardiovascular Dynamics

Vessel Resistance
Key Terms:

1. Blood flow- the amount of blood moving through a body area or the entire cardiovascular system in a given amount of time. 2. Pheriphial resistance- the opposition to blood flow resulting from the friction developed as blood streams through blood vessels. 3. Viscosity- A measure of the “thickness” of the blood and is caused by the presence of proteins and formed elements in the plasma 4. Systole

5. Diastole
6. End diastolic volume
7. Stroke volume
8. Cardiac Output

Activity 1
1. What happened to the fluid flow rate as the radius of the flow tube was increased? The fluid flow rate increases and keeps increasing as the radius is increased. 2. Increases, Increases
3. Is the relationship between the fluid flow rate and the flow tube radius linear or exponential? Linear 4. Explain how our blood vessles alter blood flow?
Our blood vessles are needed to transport our blood through our body, so if a blood vessle is damaged in any way It could slow down the bodys blood flow.

FlowRadius ViscosityLengthPressure

Activity 2
1. How does fluid flow change as viscosity is modified?
Fluid flow decreases as viscosity increases.
2. Is fluid flow vs. viscosity an inverse or direct relationship? Its an inverse relationship because it all changes, but changes together.

3. Is the effect of viscosity greater or less than the effect of radius on fluid flow? Greater
4. Predict the effect of anemia on blood flow.
I believe anemia would make the blood flow decrease.
5. What might happen to blood flow if we increased the number of blood cells? Blood flow would increase, but may develop clots because of the extra blood cells. 6. Increase, a decrease in

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