Centralia No 5

Topics: Public administration, Bureaucracy, Thing Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Centralia No. 5
Chanetra Gaines
Joseph McCue
PAD 500-Modern Public Administration

Centralia No.5
Identify and explain four logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed. Scanlan addressed many issues concerning the safety of all of the employees and ways he felt that they could be resolved. Scanlan could have addressed some other issues as well, in hopes that he would get anyone to know what the dangers of what he was finding out. Scanlan investigated the mine over and over again several times and he should have addressed the fact that too many workers were in the mine at a time. The special commissions did their investigation, and they found that there should be “no more than a hundred men working on a single split, or current, of air” (Stillman, 2010). The second thing that Scanlan could have investigated was Ben Schull and the issue of wanting to remove the valuable information concerning the mine needing a sprinkler system, to offset the duct from all of his reports. What Scanlan should have done as soon as he found out was to report Mr. Schull to the Mining Board immediately, and if they don’t do anything then Scanlan needed to go to someone in a higher authority. He should have done this to ensure someone will know that the miners would be in serious trouble. The third thing that Scanlan could have addressed was the fact that special commission investigated the mine; no one was informed of the date of the appointment. It was up to them to make sure that the Union knew of when their investigation was going to take place. By not doing so they were considered to be unprofessional, because the commission should have had the workers show them all of the current charges that were put forth against the mine. The forth and the last thing that Scanlan could have addressed was the reported findings of a possible explosion to other professional but all failed to follow the safety procedures and allowed the men...
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