Triangle The Fire That Changed America Analysis

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As the politics and unfathomable plights from the Gilded age slowly had a light shone upon them, the epoch slowly transformed into yet another Gilded age, coined the progressive movement. As the period was notorious for the upbringing of the super wealthy, making those who conquered large portions of the manufacturing process almost able to manipulate the government. To balance this wealth, there was a large portion of working-class citizens who were forced to work at rates that pushed them to the very edge of poverty, whereas they could not afford to quit their jobs or even come late to work. This led to the Triangle fire, an event that directed America in a new course, one in which the safety and well-being of Americans are protected by its rightful amount. “Triangle: The fire that changed America”, a monograph by David Von Drehle, encompasses the idea of the horrible working conditions for the unskilled immigrants, in which they had no choice but to work. Von Drehle is an established author and journalist with degrees received from Oxford and University of Denver. The monograph is primarily aimed to allow the...

Many of the laws and regulations set around the workplace were governed not primarily by the US government, but more by the political machines that controlled the popular vote. Machines like Tammany Hall allowed for the public to be manipulated and therefore getting their candidates elected, giving them the power to control the government from the inside. The Triangle Fire gave a valid excuse for many to reform the machines that led to the many safety and ethical concerns. (Drehle, 2003, pg. 225) Von Drehle thoroughly supported his argument throughout the book by continually stating the thesis and its significance in the world we live in...
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