Celta Assignment 2 (Skill-related task)

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Text: “82-year-old man who shot burglar must pay him 4000 pounds.”

1. This text is suitable for upper-intermediate learners. The text is, most likely, a newspaper article - the vocabulary is rather advanced and the style is quite formal. Lower-intermediate students would probably find this text too complicated.

2. Receptive skill to practice: reading. Since this is a text, reading is the most appropriate skill to practice in this case. Sub-skills to focus on would be a) reading for gist and b) reading for specific information.

Before starting the discussion about the text, I would show the students the picture from the article (without the title and the text itself visible). I would ask them to try to guess what the text might be about.

a. Task 1: Reading for gist.
Before distributing the text, I will tell students that they have one minute to read the text and decide what the article is about.

After students read the article, they first share their opinion in pairs and then we have a short class discussion.

Reading for gist teaches students to extract the main idea from the text in a short amount of time and allows them to practice reading skills.

b. Task 2: Reading for specific information.

After the class finishes the discussion connected with the gist of the text, I will distributes a hand-out with the following questions, which students have to answer with either T (true) or F (false):

1. Mr Revill is an 82-year-old man who shot the burgler? (Answer: False, Mr. Revill is the burgler). 2. There was only one man, trying to enter the old man’s shed. (Answer: False, there were two). 3. Mr. Newberry slept in his shed every night for four years, because he was afraid he could be robbed. (Answer: True). 4. The Justice ruled that ruled that Mr. Newbery was reckless to shoot the shotgut without seeing who he was sooting at and orderted him to pay 4000 pounds to the burgler. (Answer: True) 5. The burgler was shot in the leg?...
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