Critical Thinking Assignment

Topics: Murder, Critical thinking, Homicide Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: June 24, 2013
1. Identify the main issues in this article (45-65 words) (4marks) The main issue in this article is about Pistorius murdered his girlfriend and when he was about to be bailed out but lawyers faith lies into the situation saying he intentionally shot her and causing him to be charged under premeditated murder.

2. *Define the term “premeditated murder” and discuss why Pistorius’ lawyer will challenge the prosecution’s charges of “premeditate murder”. (100-120 words) (6 marks) Premeditated murder is a murder committed by someone who planned ahead. If the murderer had the desire to kill, along with consideration, it would be deemed as a premeditated murder. Also mainly due to the fact that, the murderer was fully aware that the actions of his/her, would lead to death or serious injury. The prosecution’s charges that Pistorius’ lawyer would challenge would be the varying law surrounding the charge, as it is seen as the most severe form of murder due to the fact of the murderer’s intention to kill beforehand. According to S.E. Smith (2013), “Obtaining an unregistered gun and using gloves to handle it are some of the various methods and steps a murderer takes in a premeditated murder.” And that can be linked to Pistorius’ charge. Furthermore, the lawyers would have to argue the existence of “exceptional circumstances” over the allegation of premeditation that makes it all the more complicated. (120 words)

3. Based on this article, identify the possible reasons or evidence that may prove that Pistorius is guilty. (100-120 words) (8 marks ) Guilty, guilty, guilty. Is it not odd that he had his girlfriend in the house and was "suspicious" that someone was in the bathroom? Would you really shoot through a door without warning? Even if it had been a burglar surely he would be guilty of murder? If he was so paranoid about intruders would he not have had bars on the windows, or locks? Alarms? He is definitely guilty and if the jury does not see it then they are...
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