Cellphones Affecting Reading Comprehension

Topics: Mobile phone, Radio, Text messaging Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Over the years, cellphones have been a great influence to Filipinos, and especially to the students. The explosion of cell phone use in the last few decades has been astounding: In 1988 there were approximately 500,000 cell phone subscribers in the US; by 1993 this had grown to 13,000,000. By 2006 there were 223 million cell phone users (www.controlyourimpact.com). This signs that cellphone one of the great technologies made by inventors and was made important to every Filipinos. “Within only a few years a substantial proportion of the world’s population has adopted a new technology that involves placing a small radio transmitter up against the head, in some instances for hours a day”, said by Prof. Kenneth J. Rothman (www.controlyourimpact.com). Filipinos, especially students today, have been using cellphones for texting and calling. Most of them too play games in cellphones. But, cellphones have disadvantages to every student. One disadvantage they may take in everyday using of cellphones is the ability to weaken their reading comprehension. In most high schools, the majority of the students own a cell phone. Whatever the rules are at their school about cell phones, students use them. Sometimes they are caught by their teachers, but most of the time, students get away with it. This distracts students from their lesson and makes them have to re-focus all over again (voices.yahoo.com). This also distracts students to understand their lessons and they find it difficult when it comes to reading comprehension. Most of the students find themselves busy in texting and calling. Because of these, they don’t have time to read books and makes their studies flat. This signs that cellphones may have been a bad example to some students. Only some students enjoy themselves in reading books. Students who lack in reading comprehension show that they have been affected by cellphones. As time goes on, cellphones change and it makes...
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