To Ring or Not to Ring

Topics: Education, Mobile phone, School Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Fasakin 1
Precious Fasakin Mrs. Thompson
English, Period 1
16 February 2012
To Ring or Not to Ring
For various reasons, I believe schools should ban the use of cell phones at school. Some people might argue that students could use their cell phones as educational tools; however, personally, I am one of the students who you could say has a “cell phone addiction.” I am usually the one teachers catch texting from the corner of their eye as my fingers move quickly across the keyboard of my cell phone during class. Also, teachers find cell phones distracting. If a student is texting during class they cannot put their full, undivided attention into what the teacher is saying, there for what is the point of trying to explain something to someone who isn’t paying attention. Finally, teachers come to school to educate students because it is their job, and they find it disrespectful if a student isn’t listening. First, teachers find cell phone extremely distracting and disrespectful. Honestly, teachers do not oppose texting in class because they are mean, or don’t want students to socialize, but rather for students benefit. In fact, they are trying to prepare us for our future and the lives we will go on to live after high school. But with cell phones, we are depriving ourselves of education! With our cell phones going off in class, to our classmates getting caught playing Angry Birds, cell phones are awfully disturbing to have in class. Teachers only want to prepare Fasakin 2 us for the real world, and cells phone could be an obstacle in our learning. Therefore, cell phones could be immensely distracting and disrespectful to teachers....
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