Cell Structure and Function

Topics: Eukaryote, Cell, Cell wall Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: April 6, 2012
Cell Structure and FunctionAbstractThis report is about cell structure and function. The cell is the basic unit of life. All living things are madeof cells. By doing this lab, I hoped to learn how a cell looked and how it functioned. I also wanted toknow the differences between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells.IntroductionThe concept of this lab is producing a replica of an animal cell, and a plant cell. Producing the models of the cells helps to provide a better understanding of each cell and its contents also, to explore thedifferences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Cell theory states that all cells reproduce new cells,while passing their genetic information. In addition, cells make up all living things, metabolize energyand that the chemical make-up of cells is similar. The objectives for this lab are to gather the materials,which include gelatin packs, plastic bags, water, Tupperware, bowls, and some small various householditems. The other objectives are preparing the gelatin as directed, gathering the household items that willserve as cell organelles, pouring the gelatin in the bag and placing the items in the plastic bags. Thenplace the cell replicas in the refrigerator for 24 hours.MethodsFirst, I turned on the stove to heat the three cups of water to boiling. While waiting on the water to boilI sprinkled the four gelatin packs on top of the one cup of cool water. After the water boiled, I poured itinto the bowl containing the cool water and gelatin powder. I then mixed the gelatin solution for fiveminutes until it was dissolved, after mixing it I poured it into a large bowl and placed it in therefrigerator for thirty minutes to cool slightly. While waiting for the gelatin to cool I placed the cellpieces in the bags. After waiting thirty minutes, I took the gelatin solution out and poured two cups ineach bag. After sealing the bags I placed the animal cell in a bowl and in the refrigerator, I placed theplant cell in a rectangular Tupperware dish...
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