CDA Nince Learning Experiences

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Nine Learning Experiences

Science/ Sensory:
When we want to stimulate the child’s senses we start them with the sensory tables. Each table consists of a tub that stimulates a different sense. When you stimulate the senses you help to stimulate the child cognitively, and emotionally as well. This can be achieved through science experiments such as the one we did over the holiday with a pumpkin and what does it smell like and feel like on the first day what about before it is carved vs after it is carved. We do this with all the kids from ages 3 to school age.

Language and Literacy:
We help the children develop these skills by interaction with each other, singing songs, reading and sharing books as well as talking with them and discussing the books that we read to them after we are finished. What did they like most? Who was their favorite character? What stood out the most? Showing the pictures in the books as well as pointing out the many characters to help the children associate a face with the story helps them to learn the name and letters in the characters names as well as to remember it. We also encourage the parents if there is a particular book that their child has shown a strong interest in to continue with that book or series while at home.

Creative Arts:
The biggest bridge to learning is through self expression and art. A lot of children express themselves better through art such as coloring, painting, drawing. You can see a lot come out of a shy child just by offering them the opportunity to draw on a piece of paper. We make sure that every room has at least one sort of creative art thing that they do with their teacher throughout the day whether it is making a Christmas tree, painting with feathers, drawing, or just letting them be themselves and doodle on a piece of paper. Children excel when they can express themselves and what better way than letting go with colors and a canvas.

Fine Motor:
Fine motor skills are...
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