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Cadbury enjoys a very high brand salience on the whole. It enjoys a high recall while dealing with the areas of brand name recognition and brand name recall with consumers instantly linking it with its trademark purple colour.  Yet its “Glass and Half Full” symbol attains moderate brand recognition.

(The marketing research was done through an informal poll among 70 students asking them: 1) Name a chocolate brand, 2) What chocolate brand do they think of when the colour purple was mentioned and 3) What chocolate brand do they think of when “Glass and Half Full” symbol was shown)

Some strong brand associations include “Purple”, “Milky”, “British” and “Indulgence”.


Cadbury rates very highly in the brand performance category. With a long history of chocolate manufacturing, Cadbury has always been synonymous with quality and richness in chocolate. Despite facing minor issues with quality and packaging in the past, Cadbury has been swift in its approach to eradicate all such problems.


Despite its packaging evolving over time, it keeps many attributes unchanged as a sign of a solid brand that maintains many of its key values, along with the fact that it needs to continue to be identifiable by people of all ages. It’s a brand of the “every person”, that doesn’t differentiate on any grounds. Due to a large percentage of Cadbury goods being bought through impulse, neighborhood supermarkets are most frequented for purchases.


Cadbury has high brand and product quality. It has been around since the early 1900s and has built itself a good reputation over a strong heritage. Consumers trust the brand and feel secure to buy the product for not only themselves but also their family and friends. In early 2007, Cadbury announced the recall of  a range of products due to a labelling error. The products were produced in a factory handling nuts and potential allergens, but this was not made clear on the packaging. As...
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