Cadbury's Use of Market Research

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P3- Cadburys use of market research that contributes to the development of its market plans. Cadburys used different methods to complete a market research for their product ‘Cadburys Snaps’. All the techniques they used influenced the way they launched and produced their new product. Cadburys first identified a market through a rise in modern society. With modern technologies people are often found to have a night in, with things such as ‘Girls Nights’ becoming popular. Cadburys noticed that there would be a market for snacks, for these type of events and ‘lazy days, something that is ‘easy to share and contains enough pieces in the pack for everyone’. Cadburys have acknowledged the problem and have created a solution: ‘Cadbury Snaps are individual chocolate curves, available in a variety of flavours. There are approximately 40 curves in each pack. With so many pieces in each pack and with Snaps available in a variety of flavours, Snaps are an ideal chocolate sharing product.’ This criteria fits into the needs for this type of market as well as Cadburys finding a target market: ‘young adults (20-35 years old) who are sociable and enjoy spending time with their friends and family.’ Cadburys have found a problem and offered a solution to a target market that is likely to purchase the product.

As part of Cadburys market research they discovered that most ‘snacking’ was taking place between meal times when consumer felt “peckish”. The main time being in the evening, this suits the gap that Cadburys found. They looked at their own products at what else could suit this genre or rival the snaps, but for products like the ‘Cadbury flake and Dairy Milk’, there was not as bigger market for sharing, where the snaps looked to capitalise on, with them being in a tube and the multiple amount of chocolate curves developed. To make the product as accessible as possible Cadburys conducted interviews with the young adult market to determine their attitudes towards it. From an experiment of home-trials (where potential customer are given samples to use in their own homes), here it was shown that a tube was more preferable than a carton. After large scale sampling had proved vital in previous market research for Cadburys they felt sampling ‘snaps’ in supermarkets would show weather the product would be successful or not. A three day sampling event was carried out in over 100 of Ireland’s largest supermarkets. This was able to capture some of its potential target market to measure weather it suited them or not.

Through these methods of market research show Cadburys have confidence in a product. They have a target market that required such a product and had focused on the sharing aspect of it which gives it an edge to other competitors. As Cadburys is a renown worldwide business they can almost guarantee that one of their products will sell purely from the brand name, this can be cost effective as it means they have such confidence in a product they have little need for market research hence they only use one method, sampling.

However they do use a great deal of public relations as it can offer a critic of their product and advertise it at the same time as it links into marketing. Cadburys were able to sponsor a DVD rental site, which was a link to the market they were entering that allows people to have a night in with a DVD and share the chocolate. Using their influence and links Cadburys set up radio promotions where snaps were given to presenters of radio shows and afternoon shows, this can help as it gets celebrities on board with the brand and they can promote it from there fan base. When on display the Cadburys snaps were purposely placed it was decided to place the product in the confectionery section alongside other confectionery products that are for ‘in-home’ consumption. Post launch consumer research proved this was the best. TV adverts were created to...
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