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Dairy Milk is a brand of milk chocolate currently manufactured by Cadbury. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1905 and now consists of a number of different products. Every product in the Dairy Milk line is made exclusively with milk chocolate. Cadbury's Daily Milk has a range of different flavours, all equally famous around the world. This case study relates to the topic of advertising which we studied in class. Cadbury is not only famous for the quality of their product, but also for their advertising. Since 2007, the date of birth of 'a glass and a half full production', which is Cadbury's own internal production company, we talk a lot about the chocolate brand because of their advertising campaign. The aim of this new approach to advertising from Cadbury's is not to focus on the chocolate but on the joy and enjoyment, you associate with eating a chocolate bar. The three most famous campaigns to date are 'Gorilla's' in 2007, 'Airport trucks' in 2008, and 'Eyebrows' in 2009. All of these advertising campaigns are set in a fun environment with enjoyable music to try to capture people's attention, excite them and make them feel happy. In this report, we will at first, evaluate the objectives and advertising platform of these three ads. We will then explain the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising. We will explore the role of viral advertising in these sort of advertising campaigns, before concluding by highlighting just what made these Cadbury's ad's so memorable. Q1. View all three Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisements on YouTube. Describe and evaluate the advertising platform and the advertising objectives of these three ads. How are all three related? In 2007, Cadburys launched its first advertising campaign from the newly established ‘A Glass and a Half Full Productions’. The 90 second advertisement entitled “Gorilla” was premiered during the season finale of Big Brother 2007, with the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight” playing in the background with a Gorilla playing the drums to the beat of the song. Big Brother would have generated a massive audience and Cadbury planned it perfectly to first launch the ‘Gorilla’ ad doing the breaks in the Big Brother finale. The campaign itself has made appearances on billboards, print newspapers and magazines, television and cinema spots, event sponsorships and an internet presence which just shows how successful it was. Keen to build on the success of the “Gorilla” advertisement, ‘A Glass and a Half Full Productions’ released their second production on 29th March 2008. This advertisement tells the story of the first ever airport truck race in history, seeing vehicles of all shapes and sizes take to an empty runway for the race of their lives. Each one of the trucks was ‘pimped’ to show its unique character. With everything from go faster stripes to customised wheel trims, the trucks lined up on the starting line under a purple sky at dusk and raced to the music of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. This ad wasn’t as successful as the ‘Gorilla’ or ‘Eyebrows’ ad. In January 2009, Cadbury introduced a new ‘A Glass and a Half Full Productions’ TV advertisement, entitled “Eyebrows”, which became the 3rd video produced by the production company. The 60 second advertisement brought to life the story of a brother’s and sister’s moment of madness when backs are turned and they are left to their own devices. The advert opens with two siblings sitting in a traditional photographer’s studio, waiting to have their portrait taken. When the photographer was called away by a ringing phone the children launched into a choreographed eyebrow dance. The children produced a range of eyebrow dance moves to the sound of “Don’t Stop the Rock” by electro-funk superstar, Freestyle. Cadburys main objectives with these three ads were to deliver greater brand love and involvement while keeping the core consumers engaged and to also attract the younger...
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