Causes of International Conflict

Topics: Korea, Overfishing, Ideology Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: October 4, 2014

Competing territory is an important cause of internal conflict. An example is the conflict over border between China and India in 1947.  When India gained independence from Britian, it inherited the frontier drawn by the British; while China protested that it had not agreed to the frontier. It was difficult to have a clear border between the two countries because much of their frontier lies in the inaccessible Himalayas. In 1958, China announced that it had built a road on the Aksai Chin plateau, which was one of the disputed territories, and the Indian government protested. Tensions worsened when fighting broke out in the disputed territories, which eventually led to a war. War ended quickly but issues are not resolved. Also, numerous border incidents have broken out. They then signed an agreement to address the border issue reasonably. The conflicts occur because the territories are claimed by the two countries. Control over certain tracts of land can be important to a country especially if it concerns its defence and national pride. As such, some countries may attempt to extend territorial control by taking over territories which do not belong to them, which may result in conflicts due to territorial disputes. Both countries will not be able to accept the action taken by the other country and they will need to take a harder stance against the other country. This often ends up in using military means and disputes to fight for the territories. Therefore, competing territory causes internal conflict.

The two other factors that will lead to internal conflict is the competition over scarce resources and ideological differences.

The competition over scarce resources is a factor that leads to internal conflict. For example, Iceland and Britain were in conflict over fishing grounds in the 1970s. Iceland has few natural resources and depended on the fishing industry for its survival. Fishes are very important to Iceland because...
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