World Cultures Final Exam Terms

Topics: Culture, Sioux, Lakota people Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: September 8, 2005
World Culture's Final Exam Terms

Intro to the World

1.Cultural Conflict – clash of different ways of life over scarce resources, religion, race, land, oil, water, power, etc… 2.Cultural Relativism – judge culture on their own standards and values 3.Culturally different – one culture different from every other culture 4.Culture – total way of life of someone

5.Diffusion – mixing of different cultures from place to place 6.Ethnocentrism – belief that ones own culture is superior to other's: judge other's by your own standards 7.Globalization – process by which countries become increasingly interconnected 8.International Date Line – line that is used by geographers that divides the world into two day's 9.Interdependence – mutual dependence of countries

10.Kalahari Bushmen – natives of Africa who tried to keep their distance from the world and traditions became corrupt with a simple coke bottle 11.L.A.S.S. – learned adaptive symbolic shared: this is the way culture's would be able to mix 12.Norms – expectations of behavior

13.Prime Meridian - 0° longitude on a globe, located in Greenwich, England 14.Relative location – natural occurring physical features used to describe a location on the map if not given the exact location 15.Socialization – taught about a culture either or their own or another's 16.Standard of living – depends on the effort you put into how you want to live 17.Symbols – represent a certain topic, feeling, idea etc… 18.Time zones – divides up the globe depending on the number of hours they are away from Greenwich 19.Equator – Along the x-axis, or meaning Latitude

20.Universally Similar – meaning that every culture has similar foods, religions, clothes, language, housing, music, sports, and gestures 21.Values – beliefs about what is right or wrong, good or bad, and desirable or undesirable

North America

1.Animism – belief that everything has a spirit no matter if it is living or if it is not 2.Black Hills –...
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