causes of airplane crashes

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In our days, we used to travel a lot, most of the time we travel by airplane. If you really take the time to think about it, flying by plane seems to be now one of the best ways to travel. But does this mean that traveling by plane is the safest way? As time has passed, it has become necessary to travel on airplanes, yet in spite of many advancements remains a concern for passengers, because it has become common to hear about airplane crashes.The major causes of fallen aircraft are human mistakes, terrorist acts or maintenance. As we know, human beings can make mistakes and this can be one cause. Lack of coordination between the crew may cause serious problems. If they are not connected to each other, could be a disaster flight, because their coordination must be joined as a force to create a safe flight. A pilot's failure to exercise due diligence can be a principle or partial cause of a crash. Another reason is a pilot error, it refers to any action or decision that the pilot could make . Also they could make a tactical failure, it could be bad actions or decisions, often caused maybe by fatigue or lack of experience. On the other hand we have the terrorist acts, these are one of the most painful and sad causes.Most of the time do not know the real reasons why terrorists kill lives of innocent people who were unexpectedly in the wrong place. The people responsible of these horrendous acts often use an explosive inside the aircraft causing horror between the passengers. Also they used to destroy the aircraft by a missile, and is terrible to think that humans may be able to do something like that. How about maintenance errors? The technical problems are among the most common causes of crashes, by lack of attention or small errors respect to the plane, track and monitoring towers. For example failure of components or flight instruments such as attitude indicators, altimeters, and autopilots can fail in flight without warning,...
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