cause and effect

Topics: Psychiatry, Psychosis, Schizophrenia Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: November 19, 2013

1. Antianxiety Drugs- Psychotropic medications prescribed to relieve anxiety, fear, or tension. 2. Antidepressant Drugs- Psychotropic medications that relieve depression. 3. Antipsychotic Drugs- Psychotropic medications that are effective in managing psychotic disorders. 4. Client- An individual, small group, or larger population that needs help. 5. Client Strengths- An approach to human service delivery that incorporates a client’s positive attributes and those of his or her environment. 6. Consumer- A term that designates the recipient of human services. 7. Electroshock Therapy- The administration of electricity to the brain to diminish problem behaviors. 8. Generic Focus- General helping knowledge and skills to serve individuals with a variety of problems in different settings. 9. Human Service Model- A treatment approach that utilizes problem solving to work with clients and their problems within the context of the environment. 10. Medical Model- A system of treatment that suggests that mental disorders are diseases of illness, that impair an individual’s ability. 11. Mood Stabilizers-Psychotropic medications primarily used in the treatment of bipolar disorders. 12. Neurosis- A disorder of the mind or emotions.

13. Patient- Recipient of services in the medical model.
14. Prevention- A component of the public health model to improve the present and future quality of life and to alleviate health problems. 15. Problem Solving- A five-step approach to solving problems that focuses on the present. 16. Psychiatry- A medical specialty that diagnoses and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. 17. Psychiatric drugs- Psychiatric drugs are now among the most widely used treatments for mental disorders. 18. Psychoanalytic method- A method of therapy for investigating unconscious mental processes and neuroses. 19. Psychopharmacology-A common verbal technique used to elicit information. 20. Public Health Model-A service delivery model that extends...
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