Casus Belli

Topics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, World War II, Nuclear weapon Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Susanna Kibaroğlu


To begin with, Casus Belli means reason of war. Briefly it indicates that why a country go to war. Whereas Casus means situation, event; Belli means war. In addition, Casus Belli known as excuse of war.

Sometimes Casus Belli can be direct reason for war. For example, rebel, occupation, economic embargo, border violation and so on. In this condition, international commission supports the hostility. Tough and complicated situations that a country is dealing with may also considered as reason for war. For instance, the attack of our ambassador may be qualified. The Casus Belli of the attack which done by the USA to Iraq is nuclear weapons of Iraq.

Occasional, the result of war is not precise. Although, some reasons are not shown as the main reason of the war, they may cause war. Of course, the real reason lies under it. If we give an example, while crown prince of Austria - Hungary Empire was travelling to Bosnia Herzegovina, he was killed by a Serbian. It is a first Casus Belli of World War One, but the real reason of war is economic causes.

To sum up, sometimes Casus Belli can be real, but sometimes it can not be real reason of war. It differentiate in different situations. In my opinion, while the reason Casus Belli is known, the sides can make a deal with before the war.


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