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Citibank Case Questions:
1) Should Citibank launch the card product? Why or why not?

2) Given its upscale customer base, how should Citibank position its card, if it decides to launch it?

3) Which countries should Citibank enter first? Which countries should it avoid?

4) If you choose not to introduce the card, what would you do to achieve the $100 million earnings target by 1990? What kind of branch banking products should the bank offer?

L’OReal Case Questions:
1) What is Beauty Product? What is its value to customers?

2) How the market is segmented?

3) What is L’Oréal’s core competency?

4) How did L’Oréal became the world’s largest beauty company? What was the role of Acquisition in this growth?

5) Why should L’Oreal not develop their own brand and acquire other companies?

6) What are the global opportunity for Keihl’s? What are the limits?

Swatch Case Questions:
1) Why was the Swatch so successful? In what ways was the Swatch different than any watch the industry had ever seen?  
2) What elements of the original Swatch marketing plans were most critical to the brand's success? Do you agree with the marketing mix?  
3) In what ways was a Rolex different from a Timex, or from a gold-plated Seiko?  How do consumers make buying decisions for each?  
4) In many ways Swatch forced people to think about watches in a way they had never thought of before.  Can you think of other products in other product categories that have done the same thing? What do the examples have in common?  

Walmart Case Questions.
1) Why was Wal-Mart so successful?
2) How is a Wal-Mart store different from a Target or a K-mart store?  
3) Why Target has successfully competed in the industry where as K-mart has not.  
4) Why can't other companies copy Wal-Mart?
5) What are the potentials of Wal-Mart model in foreign countries?  Where can it be successful? Where it can not be successful?  
6) What are the "Wal-Mart" kind of brands in...
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