Case Study: Google Hr Challenge

Topics: Google, Human resource management, Employment Pages: 7 (2474 words) Published: October 10, 2010

Title Page-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Table of Contents----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Executive Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Main Body------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 The Work-life Balance----------------------------------------------------------------- 4 High-rate Retirement------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Maintenance of Original Spirit------------------------------------------------------- 5 Recruitment Issue---------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Methods and Reasons----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 A Possible Implementation Plan---------------------------------------------------------- 9 Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Bibliography-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10

The purpose of writing this report was to illustrating self understanding on the main HR problems based on the case briefing notes named The Search for a New HRM Solution. Research for this report involved with the identification and evaluation on the main HR challenges to Google in attracting and motivating staff, recommendation of related human resource practices to those challenges with reasons, and an implementation plan for the changes. The major findings in Google’s HR challenges are the issues of work-life balance, high-rate retirement, maintenance of original spirit, and recruitment. Then, those challenges are solved or released by some HR strategies, such as forming virtual teams, shorten interview process, design job structure and so on.

The case note, Google: the Search for a HRM Solution, is talking about the main HR challenges stand in front of Google. There are mainly about attracting retaining and motivating staffs, which involves issues as work-life balance, high-rate retirement, maintenance of original culture, and recruitment. After evaluated and analyzed, some HR strategies are provided to releasing those challenges, which are creating virtual team, fining interview process, motivating employees with new recruitment, and keeping talents by offering more organizational reputation and leadership.

THE IDENTUFICATIION AND EVALUTATION OF GOOGLE’S HR CHALLENGES Google was created in 1998 due to the need for a more efficient Search Engine. Actually Google is one of the most successful internet based companies since the booming of “dotcoms” in the late 1990s and remains to be a leader. This success is based on its great organizational practices and core competencies (Chaffey, 2009). While, after identified and evaluated, this case notes briefly indicates four big HR challenges faces by Google-problems on the work-life balance, high-rate retirement, maintenance of original spirit, and recruitment issues. The negative issues of Google are not yet reflected to its current organizational performance. However, it is forecasted that such negative issues are threats to its success.

The Work-life Balance
There are also three different aspects to illustrate the issue of work-life balance. First, Google is a 24-hour operated company, no matter engineers or others often have to work hard as night owls. Google needs to offer a series of service and financial support to those life-styled people. Second, people in Google not only face a long-time work, but also fully tense. The workforce is "you can be serious without a suit", which states that "work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun". The latter sentence is a great summary of Google's...

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