Case Study Consumer Behavior

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Consumer Behavior
Case Study

Campbell’s Soup on the go

1-What consumer needs are driving the success of products like Campbell’s soup at hand? Consider both biological and learned needs.

Biological needs describe processes and states that occur in the bodies and cells of living thing, so the company must make a kinds of flavor for the soup because of course consumers don’t have the same tastes and company also must make the soup healthy for customer for example this soup contains calcium and proteins and also to make it in moderate price because this is what consumers needs and the company add a new offerings like making a soup very fast in your home and company made a name for it called soup at hand soups. Learned needs is that consumers needs certain elements to maintain life, such as food, water and air, but what we will focus on needs that emphasize the objective, tangible attributes of products, the amount of fat, calories, and protein so consumers see the soup in the market they need to buy it; but some consumers before buy the soup they look to the amount of fats or calories and protein, some of consumers don’t like high fats so they will not buy the soup if it contain high fats, so the company should make a suitable ratio of calories , fats and protein.

2 -Are some needs more powerful than others? Illustrate this by discussing the needs that customers might be sacrificing in order to satisfy other needs.

We have important needs that are relevant to consumer behavior include the following: •Need for affiliation:
To be in the company of other people, it is relevant to products and services for people in groups such as participating in team sports, going to bars or nightclubs, and going to shopping malls and it serves to alleviate loneliness. •Need for power:

To control one’s environment, many products and services allow consumer to feel that they have mastery over their surroundings. •Need for uniqueness:
To assert one’...
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