Good Customer Service

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Assessment strategy 2 Written/Oral questions;
You are provided to answer the following questions either orally or written as agreed with your lecturer. Please write your answers very clearly. If you do not understand any of the questions please ask your lecturer for defined explanation Why is it necessary to clearly identify, before designing product and service offerings, customer needs, and what are some of the less obvious service aspects that might inform purchasing decisions?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are the questions that all customers ask themselves (consciously or subconsciously) before they commit to a purchase and how is the presented product/ service bundle likely to affect a customer’s purchasing decision?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Being able to provide good customer service is not an innate skill. It requires that employees receive appropriate training and learn to understand their role/s with regard to customer service. This applies to those employees who are in direct contact with customers and those who have no direct contact with customers. Employees who have good customer service skills will generally encounter fewer complaints. Describe the ways in which employees can learn the skills needed to provide good customer...
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