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Topics: Categorical imperative, Broadsheet, Philippines Pages: 4 (678 words) Published: March 8, 2015
I. Topic
Comparative Study of Sensationalism present in Bulgar, Remate, Toninte, Kadyot, and Bandera

II. Thesis Statement
This study should answer and compare degree of sensationalism present with the five newspapers’ way of writing headlines and news body.

III. Issues (backed with related literature)
Yellow journalism in PH newspapers

- a study which measured sensationalism in newspapers
I. Cases (be specific and detailed)
There are five cases which will be tackled in this chapter. Each case displays exaggerated use of words and malicious manner of writing a story. The newspapers and headlines are as follows: Bulgar: “Manny is the best in the world- Algieri”

Kadyot: “Lolo, manok ang tingin sa apo”
Tonite: “Paslit ginilitan, 2 pang apo kinuryente ng adik na lolo!” Remate: “Apo ginilitan ni lolo”
Bandera: “Algieri tumambling kay Pacman”
In Bulgar the headline is malicious; it is not a direct quote from Algieri. The newspaper writer was prejudiced to the idea presented by Algieri’s statements.
In Kadyot, the article was written quite professionally but the headline is malicious to the content of the body because it is biased to the suspect.
In Tonite, the headline already shaded the suspect’s side of the story, having mentioned the label “adik”. It would give the readers the idea that the suspect is guilty.
In Remate, it was written quite professionally and did not have sensationalized words that much. Although the headline is a graphic description of the harm done to the victim, which is why it is a bit sensationalized.

In Bandera, both the headline and news body were sensationalized greatly by using exaggerated words or figures of speech. Also, there was inappropriate use of action words.

II. Concern
Sensationalism misleads people into believing that the news written as 100% truth. The dilemma is not only in the economic perspective but also in the social perspective.

III. Conclusion

In conclusion, the...

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