Jayson Blair's Scandal In The New York Times

Topics: Mass media, Fraud, Management Pages: 6 (1335 words) Published: October 4, 2015

What is the result, after a reporter commits frequent acts of journalistic fraud while covering significant news event? The trend continues when there are not things or people in place to rectify it. When obvious warning signs are ignored, such as Jayson Blair’s mistakes it only weakens the credibility of the newspaper. Blair was caught in a plagiarism scandal that harmed the New York Times reputation; though he set the stage for more incidents like that to happen and history repeat itself. The fact, Jayson, a young reporter could do so much harm to a prestigious newspaper seemed impossible. Comparing and contrasting two articles about Blair will explain similar information about the incident. This composition will compare the scandal that Jayson Blair created, as well as contrast the...

Blair stole material from other newspapers and wire services, as well as take details from photographs to re-create impressions as if he were there. Also, he used these techniques to write untruthful things about emotional issues that had taken place. The New York Times launched an investigation towards his work and found that over half of Blair’s articles contained instances of plagiarism, fabrication, and other unethical behavior. After this situation, a turning point occurred in his life that would not consist of his particular passion in journalism and as a reporter. In the two articles being compared, they express certain views on Blair’s scandals, as “Preventing a Second Jayson Blair”, goes into depth about if this could possibly happen again based on information and procedures put in place now, while “CORRECTING THE RECORD; Times Reporter Who Resigned Leaves Long Trail of Deception”, article gives people’s views and express facts in Blair’s building case.
Byron Calame is the publishing author of “Preventing a Second Jayson Blair”, he questions if it is possible for the wrong doings of Blair, could occur...
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