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1. Evaluate the impact of the iPad using Porter's competitive forces model.

Traditional Competitor
The traditional competitor for iPad are televisions, newspapers, books, music store and magazine.

The iTunes music store changed the customer perception of album and music bundle. Now, customers have drastically reduced their consumption of album. Prefer to download one song at time.

Customer will prefer the product with very lower price for their own satisfaction. If someone have a favorite song, so they can download that song via iPad and they won't buy the whole album which is too expensive. 

Substitute Product and Services

Its mean products that are similar and have most or some functionally as same as iPad. For example Samsung.

New Market Entrants
Including e-book readers like Amazon Kindle, is flooding the marketplace with an inevitable coming in the future.

2. What makes the iPad a disruptive technology ? Who are likely to be winners and losers if the iPad becomes a hit ? Why ?

Disruptive technology is a new technology that comes along and changes the world in a way. iPad is a platform at which it has the capabilities of a laptop or tablet PC but in an elaborate functionally that makes itself unique. 

The winner in this case is Apple because its ability to replace many item into one iPad. Apple are able to compete with many competitors from different industries such a Apple company succeed get e-books as their supplier and get download any music with lower rate. iPad is successful by replacing all the basic technology.

The competitor industry like newspaper which is it needs to produce paper and get customer to buy it at any store. But, iPad make people easy like they have e-News, so that customer can read through their own iPad.

3. Describe the effects that the iPad is likely to have on the business models of Apple, content creators and distributors.

Apple will understand that it is need that high-quality content from all the type of media it offers on its devices to be truly successful. It because to make sure all customer are satisfied with them. Make deals with each media industry to distribute the content owners and the platform owners. From that, it will become more successful in future

Q1 : Evaluate the impact of the iPad using Porter’s competitive forces model?

Answer : 

     i. Traditional competitors
          • iPad have traditional competitors like notebook, laptop, camera and all hand phone brand especially Samsung because the competitors in market space continuously devise new products, new future in product, more efficiencies.

     ii. New market entrants
          • iPad has become a role model for competitors to enter the market in a way trying to imitate and innovating technology. Wherein, the technology has not evolved due to this factor. For example, Samsung has released E-Book like the iPad. The proof of the sue lawsuit between Samsung and iPad due in terms of size, design and function the same.

     iii. Substitute products and services
          • iPad is not just a phone but covers all the technologies like social hub, games, e-mail and others. For example iPad substitute textbook to e-book which can be brought about elsewhere in iPad applications.

     iv. Customers
          • Customers will have some bargaining power as many content producers are now located online for free. Because of its low price, and consumers still crave something more. Here the important role of pricing, where customers are looking for products that offer the lowest prices and have various advantages in product.

     v. Suppliers
          • Here you assess how easy it is for suppliers to drive up prices. This is driven by a number of suppliers of each key input, the uniqueness of their product or service, their strength and...
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