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Topics: Sales, Marketing, Cake Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The first objective of Zam Chocalate House is improves its sales. When this bakery shop started its business, the owner’s is Mr. Zamarul Hafiz, he was just selling cake and bread. Because he wants to improve his sales, he is started to sell ingredients, snack, ice-cream and soft drinks to improve the sales. Sales objectives are related to the volume of goods a retailer sells. The major product which is selling at the bakery shop is cake. The monthly sales of cake are around 1000 to 2000 pieces. Mr. Zamarul Hafiz also planned to open franchise at Changlun to expand his business and sales. Profit

Make great profit in short time is another objective of this shop. When they get more sales, the shop could get more profits in short term. With profitability objectives, retailers seek at least a minimum profit level a designated period, usually a year. The profit of the shop per week is RM8000 while the profit of the shop per month is around RM 30000 to RM 40000. Mr. Zamarul Hafiz improves the shop’s sales and profit by provides variety of products. Satisfaction of Publics

Retailers typically strive to satisfy their publics such as stockholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and government. Customer satisfaction with the total retail experience is a well-entrenched goal at most retailers now. Mr. Zamarul Hafiz has an objective to attract and maintain his customers by listen to their criticism and opinion. Sometimes customers will make complaint about the price of cake is too high, Mr. Zamarul Hafiz will settle and explain with his customers face to face and accept their opinion. Mr. Zamarul Hafiz also allows customers to get their own design of cakes to satisfy their needs. Besides that, Mr. Zamurul Hafiz also maintains store loyalty among current customers. Mr. Zamarul Hafiz also has a good relationship with suppliers from Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. A good supplier relation is also a key goal. Mr. Zamarul Hafiz understands and cooperates...
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