Case of Less Expensive Customer

Topics: Decision theory, Customer service, Shoe Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: October 19, 2011
The case deals with the summary of a less expensive customer of Devox Sports Shoes and Sportswear. The point around which the case rotates is a perception of a shoe being defective or second piece where as the company or the shop owner claims that they don’t sell any second piece. The design that the customer choose at the time of purchase was a unique design according to the shop owners but after purchasing the shoe the customer feel that he has been cheated with a second piece and the design is faulty and he overlooked it at the time of purchasing but noticed it when few of his friends pointed out at the design. Now the customer wants the sales executive to take the shoes back but the policies of the company don’t allow any exchange or refund. The manager intervened the conversion and tried to sort the problem, he explained the same thing that the sales executive has already tried to explain but the customer was adamant on his decision of giving the shoes back. Finally the manager and the sales executive had a talk and asked the customer to wait for some time so that they can talk to the head office and find a possible solution. They asked the customer to wait and assured him that they will try their level best to sort the problem and do the best they can to help him. To get a feasible solution the higher management was contacted, i.e., General Manager (Sales). The final solution that was received from the higher management was that if he is a premium customer then take the pair back and give a new pair with due respect but if he is not a premium customer then state it clearly that any exchange or return is not possible. As the marketing policies say:

“The customer is king; but, kings are also big and small and rich and poor.”

The customer wants to return a pair of shoes which were brought by him a week earlier but now he claims that there is a manufacturing defect in the design, he also accuses the showroom and sales executive for...
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