Business Law homework assignment 3

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy, Law Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Business Law Pages: 33&34 Problems: 34&35

Quinly and her husband, customers at Greenway Supermarkets, purchased several pounds of filet mignon and checked out their purchases at the newly installed self-scanners. The price listed on the package of meat totaled $38; however, when Quinly swiped the packages through the self-scanner, it indicated a price of only $6. Quinly believed that she should inform the management at the supermarket that the computer in the self-scanner had been incorrectly programmed with respect to the price of this product. However, Quinly’s husband argued that since the store would be legally obligated to charge the lower price, it was not necessary to call attention to the error. Is Quinly correct in her belief that the ethical course of action is to inform the store? Ethical and/or Legal Principle: It is both an ethical and legal principle because she is doing a good deed and taking responsibility for an error that occurred during the purchase of her product. The role of ethic laws protect against misleading advertising, deceptive labeling, and price-fixing. This situation falls under this category being a prohibited act. Therefor it would be legally right to inform the store. Decision: Quinly is right in her belief that the ethical course of action is to inform the store. From preventing another customer to go through the same instance it would be beneficial to inform the store and immediately have the product fixed. It is both legally and ethically right to take this type of action. Stotts was employed as a technician in the engineering department of Rayton Corporation. All the engineers on the staff were required to sign agreements that they would not accept employment with another company in the...
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