Case List S2 2014

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Required authorities for final examination
Semester 2 2014

Required cases for final examination
You are not required to provide full citations of cases in the examination. Case names are sufficient. Further, you will not be penalised for not remembering case names in an exam. It is sufficient that you identify the case you are referring to by an obvious abbreviation (e.g. “the pregnant cow case”) or summary of the facts. However, sometimes this takes more time in the exam than writing out a case name would and on occasion, a student’s description of the facts of a case can be so confused that the marker is unable to tell which case the student is referring to. It is recommended that students attempt to remember case names. You will need to briefly describe the facts of the case (maybe more detail is required if the case you are referring to is very similar to your question), the outcome and MOST importantly the principle or rule to come out of the case (the “ratio”).

Topic 6 – Performance and breach of contract

Cases required for the final examination
Hide & Skin Trading Pty Ltd v Oceanic Meat Traders Ltd (1990) 20 NSWLR 310 Australian Broadcasting Commission v Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd (1973) 129 CLR 99 Maritime National Fish Ltd v Ocean Trawlers [1935] AC 524

Codelfa Construction Pty Ltd v State Rail Authority of NSW (1982) 149 CLR 337 Associate Newspapers v Bancks (1951) 83 CLR 322
Bettini v Gye (1876) 1 QBD 183
Varley v Whipp [1900] 1 QB 513
Hoenig v Isaacs [1952] 2 All ER 176
Steele v Tardiani (1946) 72 CLR 386
Holland v Wiltshire (1954) 90 CLR 409

Topic 7 – Remedies for breach of contract

Cases required for the final examination
McDonald v Denny Lascelles (1933) 48 CLR 457
Associated Newspapers Ltd v Bancks (1951) 83 CLR 322
Holland v Wiltshire (1954) 90 CLR 409
Radford v de Froberville [1978] 1 All ER 33
Tabcorp Holdings Ltd v Bowen Investments Pty Ltd [2009] HCA 8 Hadley v...
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