Topics: Sales, Customer relationship management, World Wide Web Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: June 1, 2015
Case: Zimbra Zooms ahead With One View
2. List And Describe Zimbra S Requirements For A New Market Software. If you are preparing the RFP for Zimbra’s new system, what questions would you ask? ANS:
Zimbra needed a marketing software package which was highly effective and costefficient. Their new software had to be more streamlined than the old one from Eloqua. Itneeded to focus on lead generation, e-mail marketing, and Web analytics. Providing acomprehensive sales and marketing automation solution that is easy to use and quick toupdate, fully integrating with the customer relationship management(CRM) system Also, it had to be easy to install and maintain. integrates email, contacts,shared calendar, instant message, documents with sharing capabilities, advanced searchand VoIP into a browser-based interface. If I was preparing the RFP (request for proposal) for the new system I would ask: a)what exactly was needed in the software,

b)how many people would be available for managing of the system, c)the price range allowed for the software.

3. How Did The New Marketing System Change The Way Zimbra Ran Its Business How Successful Was It? ANS:
Zimbra redeployed its marketing automation processes on LoopFuse’s OneView on-demand offering. As an open source software company, Zimbra uses viral marketing models, word-of-mouth marketing, and open standards to grow its business. Customers are as free to criticize Zimbra and ZCS as they are to praise the company and its flagship offering. For the most part, this strategy has proven very successful for the company thus far. Zimbra makes sales via its Web site and offers both free and commercial versions. Zimbra’s business model hinges on driving large numbers of visitors to its Web site, allowing them to try the most basic version of the software for free, and then persuading them to purchase one of its more full featured commercial versions. Zimbra has over 200,000 visitors to its Web site each week....
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