Bsa 375 Week 2 Ind Paper

Topics: Project management, Requirements analysis, Systems analysis Pages: 4 (1073 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1
Riordan Manufacturing Key Stakeholders
There are several stakeholders at Riordan Manufacturing to gather requirements from to provide a clear picture of the final project. The first stakeholder to gain input would come from the Chief Operations Officer, he was the requestor of the system upgrade, is responsible for the budget, which includes payroll. The Chief Legal Officer oversees the legal aspects of the human resources programs. The individual human resources managers within the individual facilities are the stakeholders who recruit and handle benefits for employees. Each facility has an accountant that oversees payroll and bonuses as well as the payroll specialist (Apollo, 2011). Information-gathering techniques and systems analysis tools

Interviews will be the first form of information gathering that will be used. Interviews and survey forms are a very effective way to gather information. Through the user’s impressions, personal experiences, task related ideas, and attitudes on the current system can give a baseline for needs. The interviews will aid in forming a definition of the scope of the system requirements. Interviews will also allow the system analyst to understand what boundaries by which to take into consideration (Havelka and Lee, April 25, 2002).

A checklist will be prepared prior to any interviews. It is important to prepare an interview guide so that interviewer knows what order to ask questions and the amount of time that should be spent on each area of the interview. The interview guide will include open-ended questions that will allow for follow-up discussions. The guide can also double as an outline for a summary of what comes out of the interviews (Havelka and Lee, April 25, 2002). The second information gathering technique will be to observe the stakeholders. Many managers plan their day without taking into account interruptions from phone calls or meetings. During the...

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