Case 3 The Fijian Full Report

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1.0 Case Summary: The Fijian Experience – The Tau Relationship 2
2.0 Problem Statement
3.0 Alternative Strategies & Evaluation
4.0 The Best Strategy and Justification
5.0 Implementation – Short Term & Long Term
6.1 Conclusion

1.0 Case Summary
This case of ‘The Fijian Experience – The Tau Experience’ tells us about the dilemma of Mr Bret Taylor, an American expatriate owner-manager of the well-known hotel Shangri-La Fijian Resort in Yanuka Island of Fiji on the Tau relationship between his potential manager Moala and the new trainee waitress, Salome Suacake.

The Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort (FIJIAN) is a world international hotel and has a strong reputation throughout the world for more than 30 years old. It has 450 rooms with more than 800 employees which most of them are from the indigenous Fijians and had served for the hotel for more than 10 years. Alas, FIJIAN even has three generations of a family work in the hotel simultaneously including Moala who was the first Fijian who was sponsored by the FIJIAN to Switzerland for his 3 years study and hold an important executive position in a 5 stared international hotel group.

The dilemma begins when Salome Suacake, an indigenous Fijian was caught red-handed taking money from customers by Mr Brett Taylor. According to Salome, she did it for church financial and not for herself. While at the same time, Moala could not do anything because of his Tau relationship with Salome and he has to keep it shut and pretend nothing is wrong. Mr Brett Taylor is facing the dilemma of a Cross – Cultural management in this case whereby he has to take action to both his right-handed, dedicated manager, Moala and the trainee Salome by considering on the local customs and practices without being unfair to the other staff and keep strict to the rules. 2.0 Problem Statement

In this case of FIJIAN, the Tau relationship local custom they belief has bound Moala from taking any action towards Salome because his ancestors owed Salome’s ancestors a debt and Salome can do as she please to Moala as the hotel where they are working considered as Moala’s home. If this continues, it will affect the FIJIAN’s credibility and professionalism in handling the management, production as well as the performance of the hotel itself and the staff behaviour towards their work. The main problem of the case study is concerned about the Cross-Cultural Management Conflict that has occurred due to the fraud crime made by the trainee staff. 2.1 List of Problems & Symptoms:

(a) Salome Suacake commits fraud – For the first two months, she works with dedicative manner and performs well until the third month she started to misbehave and steal customer’s money. Rumors has been spread but no one take any action because of no proof of her doing that until she was caught red-handed by Mr Brett Taylor himself. (b) Moala Tukana’s silent action – Knowing Salome’s misbehaviour on stealing customer’s money, he remains silent and pretended he knew nothing. After he was suspended by Mr Brett Taylor, He admits his wrongdoing for not taking any action towards Salome even after he knew Salome’s misbehaviour as he was bounded with their custom belief in ‘Tau Relationship’. According to the rare and unknown belief, he is Salome’s Tau ( a person commited by the ancestors to support her) and this bond is unbreakable because his ancestors owed Salome’s ancestor a debt. (c) Salome Suacake’s tricky action – Salomes act innocently in stealing the customer’s money because for her she is not stealing for herself but for her village’s church building financial and using the ‘Tau Relationship’ as an excuse by taking advantage towards Moala’s position. She knew Moala is her Tau and could not possibly take any action and complaint about her. (d) Mr Brett Taylor’s Dilemma – Mr Brett Taylor is facing the dilemma in decision making especially towards...
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