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Topics: New Zealand, Wealth, Working class Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Case Study 4

Q1). Identify the likely characteristics of the market segment being targeted by the company. Why are most target customers likely to be foreigners rather than New Zealanders?

The geographic location is quite unique seeing that it is located on the South island of New Zealand where it is very sparsely populated making it a perfect utopia from the outside world. The 28,000 hectares of original farmland which has been converted into a big game reserve has made this a more feasible attraction. The location it’s self is very peaceful and is a nice getaway for the wealthy rich people who need to escape from the paparazzi or just every day life. The company is aiming on bringing in wealthy foreign millionaires who would most likely be male and rather older than youthful who have plenty of money to splash around on the activities and accommodation. Olde-Olthof the company managing director has managed to design accommodation that would suite his rich clientele with rooms that are twice the size than normal New Zealand hotel rooms, and double glazed windows that revealed breath taking views.

A number of activities are available for offer by the Lilybank Lodge such as safari shooting but for the customers who don’t like such hunting activities there will also be horse trekking, golfing, world class photographic opportunities, helicopter trips, and nature walks in the package. The people participating in these packages will be people who are regarded as high classed people in society and in regards to lifestyle the activities may be more appealing to rich people who see this as perfect opportunity to escape their normal lives and just relax and enjoy on what’s to offer.

The wealthy people such as Presidents, playboys, and other such globe trotters will find the package as something they would rather enjoy as it is a smart way of bringing in rich clientele from overseas with a good peaceful location, where they will be able to interact with people...
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